Day8 systems optimise up to 1,000 campaigns a day.

Our products include unrivalled campaign optimisation, along with workflow modules to manage and streamline the way Agencies, Advertisers and the Media work together.


Day8's optimisation modules ensure that our clients make decisions that are smart, accurate and effective. And our workflow modules improve efficiency, reduce errors, and eliminate many manual processes and mundane tasks.

Having been in business since 1999, we've accumulated a deep knowledge of the Media Industry, while also earning a high degree of trust from those who work in it.

We provide critical infrastructure to both sides of the industry – Agency and Media. As an example, our products are trusted to buy over 70% of all spots in the Australian TV market. That's an annual spend of over $3 billion, much of which is processed within Day8's systems by both Agencies and Networks.

Day8 has succeeded on the back of a deliberate strategy to remain a mid-sized, agile and very focused organisation, concentrating on using our skills to address the very specific and important area where we thrive – providing the Media industry with elegant solutions which address complex problems via simple user interfaces.

We’ve harnessed the power of the A-Team at Day8 – Media industry experts, PhD Mathematicians and Software Specialists.
— Mike Thompson, Day8 Founder and CEO


  • We bring together skills across three core areas – Media, Maths and Technology. And where they intersect is where Day8 creates the magic for our clients.

  • Superior campaign optimisation backed by two decades of constant research and development.

  • PhD qualified mathematicians on staff, and global partnerships with the world's most respected optimisation experts.

  • Day8 systems optimise up to 1,000 campaigns a day.

  • Our systems manage over $3 billion worth of ads every year.

  • Optimisation that makes the best campaign choices every time.

  • Workflow systems that link Media buyers and sellers in practical ways, streamlining the way data is exchanged and managed.

  • Virtually all of Day8's people have held senior development positions in the Media industry over many decades.

  • We're a small, focused, experienced, and well qualified team. That sort of agility is a must when the industry is going through rapid changes.

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to design and deliver interfaces that are elegant, clean, intuitive and simple to use. Users love our software.

  • Day8 is 100% focused on the Media industry and has been since 1999.

  • We have the honesty to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change. We're ethical in all our dealings. We believe we should be paid in line with the value we deliver, so that we win when our customers win.