There’s simply no substitute for experience

Day8’s three most senior people have almost 100 years of combined experience in providing software solutions to the Media industry.
And behind them sits a team of dedicated industry and technical specialists.

Mike Headshot.jpg


After a stint working on trading optimisation in the financial markets, Mike turned his attention and expertise to the Media industry, founding Day8 Technology in 1999. Since then, he’s assembled the A-Team of experts in this space, and together they continue to refine successive generations of media optimisation software, along with a range of industry workflow solutions.

Almost every Australian Media Agency and TV Network is a Day8 client, with over 70% of all TV bookings and supporting transactions being processed through Day8’s brief capture, optimisation and workflow solutions. Mike’s mission in the Media space is to continue to introduce automation to replace as many manual, time wasting and costly processes as possible.

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Virtually all of Rob’s working life has been spent providing practical technology solutions in the Media space. Rob was Media MD at BCC for 17 years, and was instrumental in the introduction of a number of interfaces between Agencies and Networks, including TV Holdings, Booking Requests (BRQ), and Proposals (PRP).

In 2010, it came time to leave BCC when its ownership decided to focus on the finance space and Asia, rather than continuing to enhance electronic trading in the Australian market.

Rob continues to have a passion for automation, improved trading interfaces and streamlined workflow solutions for the Media industry.


Over almost 30 years in the Media industry, Leslie has honed her skills in working with users and stakeholders on business, systems and data analysis. Leslie’s aim is always to deliver cost effective solutions that produce positive impacts on productivity.

Her most recent experience includes 12 years at BCC as a Business Analyst, working on all aspects of Media software, a position she left in 2010 to join Standard Media Index managing the roll out of advertising spend solutions across 15 countries.

Leslie’s current focus is on industry workflow solutions aimed at improving interaction between Agencies and the Media.

The only source of knowledge is experience.
— Albert Einstein